The first contact

What should you tell us in the first message?

What should I tell you about myself and my home if I want to provide a cat with a forever home?

We're so glad you've found your way to our website and are interested in adopting a cat from us! When sending us your first email, please make sure that it contains answers to the following questions:

  • Who are you? Please tell us more about yourself than just your name.

  • How will you make sure that your cat can express its species-typical behaviour while living with you?

  • What kind of cat experience do you have? If you are interested in adopting a shy cat, please also tell us about your experience with shy cats.

  • Why are you interested in this particular cat? What kind of cat are you looking for in general?

  • If you already have a cat, how do you plan to introduce the cats to each other?

  • How are you financially prepared for the possibility of the animal becoming ill?

Please contact us via email as we are unable to regularly monitor messages sent to us via our social media channels. Our volunteers try to be as responsive as possible and respond to all new email inquiries in the order we have received them.