Maukula ry

Let's give a new life to homeless cats

MAU! Welcome to our website!

Maukula ry is an animal welfare association established in March 2019. Our goal is to help feral cats, rescued from colonies, by providing them healthcare and socializing before adoption. With the association funds, cats undergo a basic health examination and they are microchipped, fiv/felv tested, neutered, vaccinated and dewormed. If needed, other health measures are also taken.

Our cat shelter is located in Tampere (Kalevan puistotie 11). If you are interested in volunteering with us or could provide a loving home to one of our cats, please e-mail us!

You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram (@maukulary)!

Kaikki Maukulan kissat ja Maukulan toimesta sirutetut kissat rekisteröidään Turvasiruun.