When the cat is moving in

How can I prepare beforehand

How can I prepare for my cat's move-in?

It's a good idea to start preparing for your cat moving in well in advance, as there's a lot more to moving than just picking up your cat.

  • Get a pheromone evaporator, such as a Feliway or Zenifel. It will lower your cat's stress levels during the move. Please note that a larger home may need more than one evaporator.

  • Go through your houseplants. Do you have any plants that are toxic to cats? Don't take any chances, get rid of them - you could even treat a friend to a new houseplant!

  • It's also good to cat-proof your home in other ways. Remove all sharp objects from sight, breakable objects from danger of falling, wires from getting chewed on, and hide away any plastic bags.

  • How do you air out your home in summer? If you tend to ventilate from the window, get a net for the window/balcony well before the cats arrive. Mosquito netting will not deter cats, but mink netting, for example, is suitable.

  • Where do you plan to put the cat when they arrive? It is good to have a smaller space for the cat to stay in, at least for the first few days. The move itself is a very stressful experience for the cat and it is easier to "take over" the new space if it is more confined at first

  • Does the cat have everything it needs? You will need at least a climbing tree, a litter box (preferably the number of cats + 1 "extra"), food bowls, a litter scoop and toys, something the cat can scratch, and of course litter and food. We're happy to help you pick appropriate food choices that take your cat's personal needs into account.